This document was created in 1988 for a Grade Seven Social Studies classroom in Alberta, Canada.
The class had been studying 'Anthropology' and the curriculum had briefly touched on the biblical story of human origins but in a rather dismissive, non-credible and even mocking way, according to some of the students.

As the major emphasis of the teaching was on evolutionary interpretations of the origins of society and culture and as this portion was couched in language that lent great scientific authority to the presentation, some Christian parents objected to the not-quite-subliminal bias and lobbied for a more credible exposition of the biblical/creation model.

Their first representations to the school resulted in an agreement to allow an outside speaker of the parents' choice to address the class.
That agreement was unilaterally withdrawn and replaced by another that would allow only the presentation of a prepared document on the subject (Alberta education allows the presentation of creationist perspectives - in theory).

The author approached the teacher of the class to discuss the project and obtain a sense of the level of the discussions to date.
It was suggested by the teacher that the document should be submitted within seven days.
It was submitted four days later, a weekend intervening.
It was never presented to the class.

When the teacher was questioned about this later, he said it was "... too late.  The class had moved on".


is that document in its primitive integrity - errata intact.

This document, as with the rest of this site, may be reproduced in whole or in part for any non-commercial purpose; all other uses are copywrite protected.

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