This is
Concluding Thought

We're  Pro-Choice!

If no other thought has been prompted by these pages, let this one present itself: design requires a designer and creatures presume a creator ... it is 'Intellectual Acumen 101'.   This universe just doesn't 'appear' to have design or to have been designed, it shouts it.  If we are not co-incidental collections of star dust but have been placed on this planet, that truth has consequences for our lives: it implies purpose and supplies meaning.

Beliefs and thoughts and actions do matter, ultimately.

We are not only not alone, we are contingent beings. There is reality outside of ourselves and apart from our own invention.  And there is significance and objectivity, not to mention accountability, involved in our existence. We can hope for justice and pray for mercy, which we all desire and require ... but which can never be found in mindless energy and space.

Evolution, of course, informs the denial of all this ... but evolution is found wanting in many respects.  You have the choice to believe or not to believe in evolution or creation and that choice will directly and instantly influence the rest your life.  That, of course, has been our intent all along.

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