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Tired of a steady diet of illogical, contra-intuitive, quasi-scientific and largely unfounded pronouncements about your ancestry?  Ever wonder why, when you ask a serious question about solid evidence for evolution, you either get buffeted by bafflegab or mocked for your under-developed cerebral cortex?  Ever notice how the findings and conclusions of the latest discoveries in the field of origins tend to discredit rather than support the previous versions in which we had put so much faith?

You are not alone.

Join the growing number of thinking people who have examined the evidence for themselves and found the evolutionary mythology to be the greatest mis-interpretation of the natural world ever taught as fact.  NOT the belief in a flat Earth, NOT the fight for a heliocentric solar system - NOT even Bre-Ex can rival this saga for pure effrontery.

Do not fear to examine this issue!  You will not develop an extra appendage or go bald from exposure to a few basic facts that will encourage you to think in ways you may never have thought before.


    When you hear the phrase "millions and millions of years", do you never wonder just how we know that there have been millions and millions of years?  (There is no reliable way to measure the actual age of the universe; if there was, we would all agree on it.  Every method so far proposed involves unproveable assumptions that must first be accepted as true.  There are also multiplied evidences that our planet and solar system are much, much younger than you may have been taught ... and, they are perfectly consistent with accepted laws of science.) 

OR ...
    Have you ever wondered who developed the pictures of all those 'missing links' in your family tree?  They are entirely imaginative reconstructions and, often, from little or no real evidence.  TRUE!  Nebraska Man was hypothesized and given text-book credibility from a single tooth - and, eventually, after making its intellectual contribution to the Scopes 'Monkey' trial in 1925, it proved to be a pig's tooth.  There is not a bone or a tooth around from the original find of Peking Man ... lost during shipping ... and it may have been a total mis-reading of the evidence or a complete hoax.  Most people know by now that Piltdown Man, after its 40-year career of making monkeys out of us all, was an out-and-out fraud and the contextual problems of the Australopithecines, Java Man, Lucy, Neanderthal Man and virtually every other claimant of hominid ancestry, render them virtually useless as evidence on which to hang one's phylogeny - or eternity. 

OR ...
    Are you even aware that many, still-convinced evolutionists have encountered so many problems with evolutionary theory that they now forthrightly admit to 'believing' in evolution for reasons of personal preference, rather than because of the weight of evidence for it?  (Some 'believers' even deny that it is a scientific theory at all, calling it 'metaphysical' - and they are precisely correct!) 

OR ...
   Have you considered the possibility that evolution is actually an impossibility?  That's right; it could not have happened - not in this universe, operating under the known and demonstrable laws of physics and chemistry that we study and teach in our classrooms every day.  So how do we live and operate in a universe of laws that seem to forbid evolution and wind up with some of the most learned and respected individuals and institutions in the world accepting it as an unquestioned fact?

VERY good question!

Read on; please.  Our faq's and world-wide links may deal with issues of special interest to you (and from both sides of the debate, we might add).  Any others that you think should be considered - let us know and we will do our best to locate and post the information to augment the discussion.

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