It's an old joke (not that that ever deterred my 'grampa') but a doctor in a high-pressure practice finally cracked - went off the deep end - developing a psychosis that he was, in fact, dead.

No one could convince him otherwise and he eventually began confiding his presumed state to his patients and had to be removed entirely from dealing with the public. A partner in his practice refused to give up on him though and, after exhausting his own devices and expertise, set up an appointment for him with the most celebrated psychiatrist in the region.

The ailing physician attended the arranged session and was amenable to returning several more times, which he did, maintaining with conviction throughout the treatment process that he was a walking dead man. The psychiatrist, recognizing the depth of the psychosis he was dealing with, decided to rehearse the doctor's years of medical training, using patient, practical appeals to the obvious to bring the doctor's mind to the inescapable conclusion that he was yet alive and able to be a contributing member of society.

He first engaged the doctor in several propositional arguments involving human anatomy and the functioning of the human body, the doctor always agreeing up to the point of the rational consequent - then outright denying it! The day of the last scheduled appointment arrived and the despairing psychiatrist had determined to use a somewhat theatrical, two-part effort to redeem his patient.

He met the doctor in the reception area, introduced him formally to his secretary and engaged him in the most casual conversation, learning that the doctor had taken a taxi to the appointment and that he had met and even conversed with several people along his way. He then asked the doctor if anyone he had spoken to had tried to avoid him ... or even to walk away without apparently seeing him. No, they had not.

The psychiatrist then rehearsed every event that he had just gleaned from the doctor's day thus far: "Do dead men hail taxis?" he challenged. "Do they converse with people who recognize them on the street or in elevators? Do they even make appointments with doctors to diagnose their ailments - and then arrive on time to keep those appointments as you yourself just did?"

"No - not normally", the doctor responded, not put off balance in the slightest; I have no assurance that these things are actually happening to me though. These seeming events could simply be the neurological phenomena of a dying brain; we know so little of these things.

As suspected, phase two of this plan would be required.

"Do you mind if I take your blood pressure today?" asked the psychiatrist.

"I suppose not - but you won't find anything" said the doctor.

But he did find something!

"It's a little higher than we'd like to see it but look for yourself! Do dead men have a measurable blood pressure?" he said, casually adjusting the flower in his lapel.

"Why no!" the doctor brightened ... then darkly observed that "equipment malfunctions all the time. Neither of us can know when a machine is working properly or giving false readings; happens all the time." The psychiatrist was ready for the expected evasion, following up immediately with -

"Do dead men bleed in your experience, doctor?"

"No - of course not; everyone knows that" he replied.

"Then how would you explain ..." and before he had fully formed the word 'this', he lunged at the doctor, jabbing the straight pin from his lapel flower deeply into the doctor's recently bared forearm. Blood streamed profusely from the wound and down the doctor's arm.

"Wha ...!" The doctor jumped up, grabbing a tissue from a box on the counter as he did so and clamped down quickly on the flow.

"This is absolutely amazing! I simply wouldn't have believed it unless I had seen it for myself!" he said ...

"Dead men do bleed!"

... and pliable, identifiable, transparent, biological material, cells and blood vessels and fibrous tissues, from a dinosaur, can survive seventy million years in the earth, perhaps even preserved well enough to yeild DNA.

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It's a joke, right?

No - no joke.

Evolutionists have just been jabbed with a sharp pin and we are about to see how deeply this particular psychosis is seated.*

Can soft tissue persist in fossilized animal remains over millions of years? "Everyone knows these things don't last for 65 million years",** says Dr. Mary Schweitzer, the paleontologist who made the remarkable discovery of exactly that - SOFT TISSUES - in a T-rex specimen found in the Hell Creek Formation within the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge in north-eastern Montana. She has recently published reports of her research into the king of dinosaurs - or, in this case, the queen (another first) - and the credibility of evolutionary theory and of science itself is hanging in the balance in the consideration of it.

A scientific theory that can not be (or will not allow itself to be) falsified can not stand.

If soft tissues (in this case, microscopic tissues) can not persist over multi-million-year time spans ... and if they are found to have persisted ... the superstructure of the conventional theory of evolution, that of the long ages of the earth and the stratigraphy within it, will have been falsified impressively. Can contemporary scientists allow that to happen? We are talking about the time scale that allows any serious consideration of the hypothesis, that one species can change into another, at all!

The find is, understandably, being hotly debated in the paleontological community. Those convinced of evolution's story are not yet even admitting the existence of 'tissue' here, let alone the possibility of recovering DNA from the sample. The logical propositions are, however, clearly being put in place for us by this find and fundamental revisions to our understanding of some basic priciples are inevitable.

Make no mistake about that; conventional theory does not allow this circumstance. Degradation of biological material is not only certain over time, the purported time itself will become the real question. The remote possibility of some in situ, serendipitous circumstance that would allow this to 'fit' would have to account for seventy (ok - 68.4) million years of relentless hydrolysis and destructive radiation from the surrounding geology that failed to accomplish what everyone knows it would accomplish - in less than a million years under the most advantageous conditions (frozen) - and if DNA has survived in this specimen, even a few hundred base pairs, there is no salvation available.***

This is potentially the 'Black Swan' of propositional logic for evolution. If this find is vetted and vindicated, the theory will, for any rational person, be dead - as dead as The T-Rex From Hell whose bones speak truth from the grave.

* And, if this find is a 'jab with a sharp pin', recent genetic work on accepted 300+ million-year-old Crinoid fossils, containing complex organic molecules with enough DNA to allow species delineation, represents a veritable Samurai attack on geologic 'deep time'. From doctoral work at Ohio State University by Christina O'Malley, as reported at - May 17, 2013.

** Schweitzer, being quoted in reference to a colleague's 1990 discovery of a similar nature - in "DISCOVER" Vol. 27, No. 04, April 2006, Ancient Life

*** Later testing revealed that DNA did survive, of the double-stranded, multiple base-pair variety, and in the presence of another improbable protein discovery: the non-bacterial, dna-philic, 'histone'. (Dr. Schweitzer's evolutionary faith remains intact, as far as we know, and her impressive research continues.)

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