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Partly because we are so disorganized, to be sure, but also because this topic and this world just keep on changing, the following four features of the site are the most likely ones to be altered from time to time:

"Past Tense", "Good Question", "Imagine That!" and "Issue du Jour".

Rather than just hope you will discover the newer versions in the jumble by chance, quick links to each are provided below - in no particular order, of course. (To return to this page, you will have to use the 'Back' button of your browser, though.)



Title: The Dinosaur from Hell!

Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago - right? Their bones have been buried in the ground ever since and have long-since turned to stone - right? It is impossible that any of their soft tissues could have survived being buried that long - right? We think so.


Title: Thinking About Thinking? ... Think Again!
Are you free to make up your own mind - or to change it? Do you think you have the objectivity and confidence to respect conclusions differing from your own - or the people who hold them? Are all conclusions created equal?


Title: Do Disasters Reflect the Will of God?

A good question, if one believes in God - an argumentative question, if one does not.


Title: The Martyrs Page

Could God still be at work in the affairs of men - when men's affairs are obviously far from His will? Is it rational to trust Him, 'though he slay us', as Job pronounced thousands of years ago? Some recent history seems to support the ancient premise.



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