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Several of the following appear as links within the various pages of this site.
Though we do not support every statement or claim found therein (obviously - some of them think we're nuts), all of them
have been visited recently and found to be exceptionally useful resources on this topic.



The home page of  "The Institute For Creation Research", a California-based, multi-disciplinary, creationist 'think-tank' that supplies speakers, organizes seminars and debates and has a graduate school, creation museum and publishing company connections.  Links to original creation research papers and current projects.  This organization is at the heart of the modern creationist movement. 

Some information on the life and writings of the late A.E. Wilder-Smith, one of the heavyweights of the Creation/Evolution debate, appear  HERE.  For those with broadband or DSL connections, this site will be a treat as there are numerous audio and video files to stream or download.   Though he presents as the original 'absent minded professor', a few moments of your time will reveal that you are in the presence of greatness. 

For a geographic listing of creation science sites and organizations in the U.S., This Site should keep you busy for a while.

OOPARTS - those out-of-place artifacts that tend to stand evolutionary theory on its head are briefly discussed here.  This is only an article to get you started.  Our favourite outside resource for this site has disappeared and, though we were fortunate enough to have downloaded it before it did so, it is not available without permission since it has been pulled by its author.  There are many other on-line treatments and discussions on the topic ... and many false and ridiculous claims strawing the path.  It is hard to avoid the Atlantis/ufo crowd out there.  Your choice.

Creation's signature: want more info on those Polonium 218  halos ?

Billed as "The Ultimate" creation/evolution site,  this one  will take some time to digest.  Pack a lunch.

For kids of all ages,  explores this issue from many angles, from the possibility that dinosaurs still walk (or swim) among us to the social significance of the evolutionary mindset.  Kent Hovind, a much-travelled speaker on this topic, is your host on this slightly-commercialized site.

The argument for Intelligent Design: wanna hear it from the source?  ... unh, the human source, that is ....  Grab a coffee and just click here.

Some tough questions for creationists ... well, riddles mostly ... about varves, fossils, strata, diseases, etc. ... challenging creationist theory at its ragged edges rather than contending with its core.  None-the-less, questions are the engine of our understanding so why not grind it out in the trenches at  this site?  And, as an added bonus, back up into the home site for some contemporary essays, a letter from the Pope (supporting evolution, of course), some fabulous astronomy pictures and even some tips and tricks on constructing web pages. 

Answers in Genesisoriginally revolving around the speaking and debating (and evolutionist-baiting) activities of Ken Ham, a talented Australian transplant who has written several books on the origins controversy, has expanded into a multi-national, multi-lingual resource centre on the creation/ evolution question .  Many roads to take from here.

"Au contraire" say the good people at This Site ... who dedicate their considerable energies to debunking all things creationist.

If interested in some good quotes of evolutionary scientists on the question of origins, this site might be a place to pick up the beginnings of the creation/evolution controversy.   This Link , however, will start you at a graphical index.  From here you can access several theme pages, such as the one purporting to show dinosaur and man tracks in the same rock strata (evolutionary heresy!).   This is the site of a 'non-denominational' group of biblical creationists who have some definite opinions on biblical interpretation.  They used to provide the reader with 50 doctrinal creeds of the contemporary churches - omitting their own - but I couldn't find any such doctrinal statements the last time in.  Loin before ya join, anyway.

For a multi-lingual, multi-faceted site with thoughtful answers to many of life's big questions (not least of which are the many FAQs related to the Creation/Evolution issue, natch) the  Christian Answers  people have done an admirable job.

For one of the smaller sites, try    Although it is primarily a list of links to the work of others, it does boast a nice selection of NASA images for the trekkies among us as well as extracts from the Bible in 29 - oops now 43! - languages!   It also looks a lot bigger this time in (May/03) but I didn't have time to explore.

And, for the multi-lingual among us (10 languages), as well as for information and insight into aspects of life and human endeavour other than the scientific, try the home page of the  CREATION RESEARCH society.   This link will take you to their creation/evolution section, of course, but feel free to backtrack the site to some worthwhile reading.  

If Origins Research  interests you - and it should; that was one of your first intelligent questions for mom, right? - this little site from the Arizona Center for Scientific Creationism has some great FAQs, a mind-expanding discussion on the speed of light, as well as many topical books and videos for sale.

A well thought out, java-enabled and artsy site with its own search engine, bottomless links, multiple on-line resources including videos, Bibles, devotionals and abstracts of linked research papers on topics of significance to the evolution/creation discussion - we  RECOMMEND  the "Evolution of Truth" site for browse-weary eyes.

The 'ologies' of men vs 'the-ology' of God is revealed to be no contest at this  Theistic Evolution  expo.  (Hint: 'the-ology' of God loses, as it must, when man tries to conform the unconformable.)  To see for yourself the intellectual struggle and the lengths to which one must go to hold both world-views in balance, this is a choice site.

 A personal home page with its own, keyword search engine,  has the cutesy, the homey, the artsy and the rich to offer in its links as well as connections to museums, churches, ministries, libraries and organizations around the world.  This would be a 'five star' site, if it were a restaurant.

Challenging and daunting: Formerly an absolutely inexhaustible reference section of articles, arguments and topical studies on the Creation/Evolution issue, PATHLIGHTS  is still the place to go for resources on this topic.   You will be able to read their menu in one sitting now, however.  That was not possible at one time.  It is attractively presented and, fortunately, set out in topical divisions for the investigator.  Interested in the origin of the universe?  It is here.  In the dating methods?  These, too, are here.  How about the origin of the Chinese language?  Yep, here too.

Believe it or not (what most people do with statements on origins) there is a T.V. programme called "Revolution Against Evolution" and it has a  web page linked  to it that is manageable on a noon-hour surf.  It has its own FAQs and links to the FAQ sections of other sites  - in case you get more than an hour for lunch.

For the impeccably tolerant (those who want it three ways),  try  this site.   We guarantee nothing if not a broadminded inclusiveness here - but you will have to encounter the real world eventually anyway. 

Some geological and biblical mysteries without discernible bias or animus - that's  SENTEX.NET

Tired of the lecture circuit ... those long-winded expositors that drone on and on as though you are really interested in their opinions (like, for instance, you might have encountered on this site)?  Then  Island Net  is the haven of rest for you.   A concise collection of single-screen treatments of some of the major issues in this debate - Natural Selection/The Geologic Column/Fossils/ Dating etc. - all the introductory information you really need to get you started, in a simple, straightforward context.  No hype, no depth ... just an unencumbered look at the topic.  will also provide some good reading on several themes and includes a collection of some of the best quotes from the 'mainstream' scientific community that hi-lite some acknowledged weaknesses in evolution theory - namely, its circularity in reasoning, the falsification principle as applied (or not) to evolution, dating theory and assumptions and on the role of catastrophism in geologic history.  Many linked documents.

Get in and get out of this s-l-o-w server to obtain some useful resources on the creation science issue.  Great quotes from scientists on both sides of the debate and multiple FAQ's from all over the map.   This one  has creationist and even more anti-creationist listings, discussion groups and varied topical explorations into paleontology, astronomy, human history etc. making it a multi-channel approach to information-gathering on this most important subject.

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