This is the     WHAT MATTERS   
                                Site Plane

You just thought it said 'plan'. 

Ok - I lied. 

In truth, this site has no plan ... not in the sense of a coherent layout with predictable navigation menus on every page. That would be too - well - too predictable and coherent. What this site has is surprises. OK - then more like artful cul de sacs, now that I think about it. All right - blind alleys and places to get stuck, then! 

The thought is, loosely speaking, that you may find this type of approach more mysterious (or something). There are some pages that can only be found by a link on one other page - that you might also have trouble finding. Get it?  Well if you'd thought of this yourself, you would likely think it was brilliant. The 'mystique' of not knowing when or whether you have exhausted the site is part of the ambience. That was one of my favourite words in school. It means - well I forget exactly what it means but I know it fits right in here perfectly. The point being, there has to be some tension-relieving mechanism for this overly-serious site and this is it. 

Get lost in here if you wish. Leave, if you wish (that option is made available on EVERY page). Or just consider that of all the multiplied millions of sites on which you might have landed, the probability of landing on this one was astronomically infinitesimal - to muddle a metaphore - and you might just consider it part of a really great plan that you did!

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