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There are rumblings in circles scientific lately about a fairly unique place in the universe; in scientific terminology, it would be called:

'The Centre'.

"The Centre", as an astronomical precept, is anathema to current 'Big-Bang' cosmogeny and it would be a meaningless concept in a 'no edge, no boundaries' universe - the necessary condition of the 'we're nothing special' thesis - but then again, we have good evidence that the universe is not infinite. The idea of a centre is not really that off-the-wall, anyway.

If there was a 'big bang beginning' to this universe, as so many scientists still believe, then the idea of a centre to it should not be thought radical or improbable at all. It would be perfectly logical, as anyone who has ever watched film footage of a nuclear explosion would be pleased (and qualified) to tell you. As constrained by contemporary theory, however, the 'bang' was not explosive in the sense we normally understand but a 'quantum fluctuation of space/time' (which is Star Trek language for "we have no idea") producing the inflationary-expansion model.

Theorists would still say that it arose from a 'singularity' of infinitely scrozen nothingness, however; that is: something (everything) exploded from nothing. Interesting but ... where are we, really? "We don't really know" in Star Trek is still "we're guessing" in English.

There is empirical (real) evidence for centrality, however.

The particular evidence for centrality in the universe being considered, however - and the findings are not that new and they have been reviewed and critiqued and verified a multiplicity of times over several decades - is having a rather unsettling effect on many in the astronomical community because of one, troubling, little fact: we have seen the centre and it is us!

More correctly, it is our galaxy - The Milky Way - that seems to be in the centre (within about 1M light years! - 1.6Mly to 100Kly) of an architecture of galaxies that continues outward, in ever-more-distant concentric spheres, the multiplicity of galaxies being found situated in these various spherical planes, the planes, in turn, being located at intervals, approximately 3.1M light years apart ... as far as we can see ... as far as Hubble can see (+/- 14Bly) ...without exceptions.

The pattern is unmistakable and unexplained and, as intimated, it has been troubling to some. Other explanations are being sought for the data, of course, some of which may help topple the current cosmological consensus on the expansion of the universe itself. It could be static - in place - leaving the doppler explanations related to the velocities of receding galaxies out in the cold.

Carl Sagan, I believe, was the one who promulgated and popularized Hawking's musings on our mundane circumstance as earthlings in the greater scheme of things ... inhabiting one little speck of a planet, orbiting about an insignificant star, situated in a rather ordinary galaxy, drifting among an endless sea of galaxies in some nondescript corner of the universe ... or something to that effect. I'm sure most of you have heard some variant on the theme. It could be found and quoted more accurately, I suppose ... if warranted.

The red-shifted, spectral measurements of starlight that have illuminated for us this unexpected, structural component to what should, in theory, be the chaotic or at least the random distribution of matter in the universe (from that initial explosion, again) are referred to as 'quantized', meaning that these light sources are found to be grouped, not at all random, not irregular - not 'normal'. Our universe, at least that portion of it that we can see and measure, seems to be giving us evidence of design (again) ... and not only design in a material sense but in a philosophically troubling sense as well (for some).

We seem to be in an empirically-verifiable, unique place, positionally, in an undeniably ordered system, spatially, the presaged purposefulness of which, while still mysterious (to some), is becoming ever more pointedly apparent (which is teleological language for 'special creation').

Imagine that!


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