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"We" were two people working on an idea - well, one of us was.  In fact, one of us (the other one) was full of ideas - all the time.  
He was Carmen 'Zack' Davidson, a television slash communications teacher affiliated with 100 Huntley Street, the national Christian broadcaster based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada (and that can explain some of the spelling on this site).  Zack was the faculty head of a television production school (formerly known as the Conway School of Broadcasting - a privately endowed enterprise) that taught the motivation and the mechanics of Christian TV production around the world.  

Zack's hope was (when he could find a spare moment between some of his exotic assignments) to produce a 13-episode television series on "Design in Nature", updating some earlier work with recent discoveries in science and using the latest 3-D graphics techniques.  

He wanted a companion website to go with it and approached me, his cousin, Terry Damm, now a retired national park warden and erstwhile freelance writer in British Columbia to do the site.  That was over 16 years ago ... when I first rushed like crazy to pull some ideas together for him ... and chose and registered the name for this site ... and faithfully kept up the payments on it ... out of my own pocket, I liked to remind him ... but all of that is of no consequence now - now that he is gone.

Zack, full of plans and hopes and dreams, died unexpectedly in his sleep, a few years ago, this and many other projects, unrealized.

We were never sure where he was before: Moscow or Baghdad, Buenos Aires or Mombasa; his many passports could be collector's items, over 120 countries - and proud of it. We now know where he is, at least, and though we miss him, we couldn't wish him back, apart from selfish sentiments. His legacy continues, multiplied daily by his former students through television programming currently reaching out to over 1.2 billion people!

I think God must have called him home for some rest, his accepted mission - "The Great Commission" - faithfully completed and well done.