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What are 'questions' anyway?

        We all have questions. They arise naturally out of curiosity or ignorance and we all bring our fair share of both to the table. People (other than politicians, we mean) can also use questions to evade answering more difficult questions, or to avoid dealing with inconvenient or embarrassing issues.  We have all witnessed it; we've all probably done it (I see that hand). Questions may also facilitate an agenda or be used to wield power and influence over others. Questions can even be employed to destroy the mind's ability to function logically and may be used to indoctrinate or subjugate our mental processes for philosophic, religious or socio-political reasons. (So be careful in here!)  

          The proper, scientific use of questions is to aid in filling in the blanks in our understanding of the world around us, agenda free and philosophically neutral ... and to follow the answers where they lead, of course ... usually to the next question.

          Right.  Well, then ...

 What is OUR Agenda? What are Dating Assumptions? What are Radio Halos?
Fossils Fuel Debate? Stereo Chemistry?
What is a 'Model'? What is 'Faith'?  Thermodynamics?
What is a 'Belief'?  What is 'Design in Nature'?  What is Probability?
Evolution (a short course) Origin of what? That Book!
Creation (in theory) Evidences For Evolution? What is 'Science'?
What is 'Biblical Creationism'? Fossil Evidence? What is 'Closed-mindedness'?
What is 'Creation Science'? Adaptation? Logic & Stuff
What is 'Theistic Evolution'? Punctuated Equilibrium? What about 'Assumptions'?
What is 'uniformitarianism'?  What is 'catastrophism'?  What's the point?
How old is the Earth? Evidences for Creation? The Big 3 Questions

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